You Essay

low angle photography of american flag
Photo by Kevin McCartney on


Don’t talk politics with me — You are tearing this family apart,

You fascistprogressive

You entitledcapitalist

You antiprofamilyabortionactivist

You mysoginistic#metooadvocate

You illegalpopulistimmigrant

You make me sick


You don’t listen, You just spout your rightleftwing labels

And destroy my patrioticliberalconservative agenda


Shame on You.


I thought You were American but it turns out You are just as much of a

unionizingracist as I suspected  You destroy all that is good on birthdaysand4th                 ofJulyandThanksgiving


You are this big government’s sustainability problem, Dad.

I don’t want to hear anymore about your toxic tolerance, Daughter.


Enough —

We must build a family wall and put You on the other side.




We can do that.


It’s not as taxing to spend time constructing together, Mother

Yes, it will give us a change of climate around here, Son

We can solve social problems with silence   

and keep gun-totingbleeding-hearts from spilling blood.


That’s better.


A bipartisan building project of family bonding has happened

Now the grassroots are greener and the War on Christmas is over

Let’s go watch outrage on TV and together We will stop the Civil War from starting.


This is Our USA.


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