The posters are all over town

At the Albertson’s grocery store and

nailed to the electric pole

MISSING CAT      Fluffy     Last seen April 19

Little 5 year old Ashley’s grief

color copied 100 times and posted

everywhere you look.


Who does that to little girls?

You can’t take their cats away

They need their cats


I drove out of town early this morning

And saw him slinking across the road

A creature of the night

Bobble head hanging low, dirty brown fur, limping gait


He glanced at me sideways

On his way into the tangled brush

With a look that said

“Sorry about Fluffy; I ate her.”


Coyotes come out when little girls are sleeping

They steal their cats and eat them.

But please–

Can we just not tell Ashley?  It’s better that way.






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